NSW Beach Profile Database: Explore Beaches

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Profile data has been collected at more than 150 locations along the NSW Coast, from as far north as Tweed Heads and to as far south as Eden. Each location is represented as a beach flag, and a set of red polygons on this map.

To explore the data further at a particular beach, click on a beach flag or red polygon to zoom to that location and view the location of cross-sections that have been taken in that area.

This data has been collected over a number of years, in some cases to a lesser standard than may be applied now. There may be issues with the data that are not flagged in this database. See the data disclaimer for more information.

You can access the basic functions of this site without a log in. However, to download data or use advanced tools you must first log on before choosing the beach location you are interested in. Log ins are free, and will take 2 minutes to create. Click here to log in or create user.

User Hints

There are a number of interactive elements to this site. When you see the following two symbols:

  • Hover over question marks to reveal hints about the page
  • Click on information symbols to open a pop-up with more detailed information

The NSW Beach Profile Database is hosted by:

  • Click on a beach flag or red polygon to see survey transects at that location.
  • Use the search bar to easily navigate across the state.
  • Use the navigation button in the top left corner to move around the website.